Monday, August 22, 2016

Trophy For SAM 100 Fun Fly

We just received the plaques for the four first place events at the upcoming SAM 100 Fun Fly to be held Sept 10-11. They are laser cut in alderwood. This one's for the Old Timer Glider event.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Repairing the Sky Bird 2M

The nose of the Sky Bird 2M was broken off in a hard landing at Woodcrafters 2016. I wanted to reinforce the corners of the nose sections that were torn asunder. Luckily, I had carbon fiber mat which molds into the corners after soaking with medium CA. Light, rigid and took little time.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wing Details - Dental Floss

Before completely sealing in the servo lead, dental floss is tied at the plug and taped down. Later, after the wing is covered, I can reach in with tweezers and use the floss to pull the servo plug out. (Well, it's a servo extension.) This keeps the plug and lead out of the way while sanding & covering.
The best way to retrieve the servo plug after it is entombed when the top sheeting is glued down.

Wing Sheeting Techniques - 1

Because the LE top sheeting needs to be bent down, I decided to avoid using pins. Instead I will use long bass square sticks and a yardstick at the spar. These will be weighted with my trusty bean (well actually river gravel) bags.
Bass sticks are the right length

Combination of bean/gravel bags and obsolete transmitter battery packs.

Well, I did decide to go with my old Rocket City pin clamps at the
trailing edge and the very forward edge of the LE top sheeting.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

ALES vs F5j

Last night my RC glider club -ASA - held its July meeting and the discussion turned to F5j and ALES.

The consensus of some there was that the club was dumping ALES (Altitude Limited Electric Soaring) also known as AMA Event 631 in favor of F5j. What, I pondered, is the difference between ALES and F5j? F5j is Electric Thermal Duration Gliders (Provisional) and is governed by the rules laid down by the FAI. This dichotomy still puzzles me.

So...I soldier on with the Sky Bird - an 100" span electric glider. I think so many photos are obvious and boring that I'll only post and comment on ones that interest me.
Bottom sheeting of left wing panel

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Power System Selection For Woodies

I created a presentation with the help of Vic Newton. Vic actually designed the presentation and graciously allowed my use of it for a presentation. Then Vic re-edited my edits and created a much more feature-rich presentation.

However, due to circumstances beyond my control...Power System Selection for Woodies will not be presented at the Woodcrafters dinner on June 4 in Muncie IN.

Please use the following link to see our presentation in PDF format. You can automatically see the presentation in Document Viewer for Google Drive.
Power System Selection for Woodies

Steve Moskal