Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Won the Model Aviation Mystery Airplane mini-Contest

Dave Gee writes the Safety First column in Model Aviation magazine's May issue. 

The contest is simple. Dave publishes an unidentified photo in his column and asks readers to email in their best guess as to the identity of the airplane. The prize is a copy of the plans for a Vought SB2U dive bomber as a No-Cal.

I read the column and was drawn to this little black and white photo of an airplane mounted on a pole outside Clark Air Base in the Philippines. I practically leaped off the couch to get to the computer. My copy of Flying Colors by Green and Swanborough was consulted. It was definitely a photo of a Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa (Peregrine Falcon) with the Allied reporting name "Oscar".

It was an honor to win Dave's design for a no-cal of his Vought SB2U Vindicator. There are lots of color schemes to choose from. Dave's model is marked in the scheme of one used in the Errol Flynn movie, Dive Bomber.
We shall see what the Comet Kid comes up with next.

I Switch My Hobby Goals

I now have switched my goals in the hobby that I love.

I'm doing indoor, free-flight rubber models again.

Here's the project now on the magnetic workbench.

It's a Cessna Turbo 195 from Volare Products.

Here's George Bredehoft's description:
"I created this kit as an introduction to Indoor NoCal. This airplane was chosen after an internet search due to the fact that the real plane was modified with a Garrett Turboprop replacing the radial engine and the round wingtips were clipped. These full scale modifications of this one-off plane give the NoCal model excellent proportions: at 16" fuselage and a 56 square inch wing.
After I designed it, I collaborated with Indoor guru, Don Slusarczyk, to produce an "introductory" indoor NoCal kit. With suggestions from him implemented, but not changing my kit, my prototype flew a 2:06 flight on its first day. Don built a second prototype, following the kit, and his first day best was 3:35 under a 24' ceiling. Outstanding performance for a kit product built with 1/16" "hobby shop" wood (find yourself some 6 pound wood). My best flight to date is 5:17."