Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I Switch My Hobby Goals

I now have switched my goals in the hobby that I love.

I'm doing indoor, free-flight rubber models again.

Here's the project now on the magnetic workbench.

It's a Cessna Turbo 195 from Volare Products.

Here's George Bredehoft's description:
"I created this kit as an introduction to Indoor NoCal. This airplane was chosen after an internet search due to the fact that the real plane was modified with a Garrett Turboprop replacing the radial engine and the round wingtips were clipped. These full scale modifications of this one-off plane give the NoCal model excellent proportions: at 16" fuselage and a 56 square inch wing.
After I designed it, I collaborated with Indoor guru, Don Slusarczyk, to produce an "introductory" indoor NoCal kit. With suggestions from him implemented, but not changing my kit, my prototype flew a 2:06 flight on its first day. Don built a second prototype, following the kit, and his first day best was 3:35 under a 24' ceiling. Outstanding performance for a kit product built with 1/16" "hobby shop" wood (find yourself some 6 pound wood). My best flight to date is 5:17."

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