Saturday, June 8, 2019

Center panel covered

Here's what the completed center panel looks - UltraCote Lite colors: transparent red bottom and transparent white on the top.
I'm holding the panel with the sun just after high noon. The transparent red really "pops" as I'd hoped to see.

Now forward, to victory! (Well, at least to the maiden flight.)

Very truly yours,
The Comet Kid

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Yellow Jacket covering layout

So here's the covering layout that I sketched for the Yellow Jacket 2M.
Mary and I went over it together. The goal is to really make it pop in the visibility department when
this glider is at altitude.
The overall plan

We'll see how this all goes in the real world.

The Comet Kid

Saturday, June 1, 2019

AMA Indoor Nats - Eagar, AZ

Mary and I visited the AMA Indoor Nats at the Round Valley Dome in Eagar, Arizona. I'm posting some of the photos I took.
Yours truly;
The Comet Kid
The Round Valley Dome is impressive; the skylights often provide indoor thermals - yes, I said thermals
Dave Aronstein winding for a test launch of his No-Cal Gloster Meteor. His test was impressive as he went on the win the event for No-Cal WW II Warbirds
Dave Lindley winds in preparation for test flying: Dave later took my application for NFFS - first time I joined

Mike Richardson relaxes behind his model box; an apt description of Free Flight
Dave Wagner and his models before the competition starts. Dave is with the FAC Rio Grande Squadron.
Rick Pangell with P-40 No-Cal - neat printed tissue. Rick later convinced me to join NFFS and I did!
Rob Romash with his No-Cal Chambermaid - he'll take the Greve/Thompson mass launch with this model
The Kamikaze Phantom Flash; I thought this showed some real creativity. The tissue must have been done on an ink-jet printer

Bob Galler and Dave Aronstein's jumbo scale MiniMAX. Bob was holding for Dave. Yes, that is a profile pilot of Kermit the Frog.