Saturday, June 1, 2019

AMA Indoor Nats - Eagar, AZ

Mary and I visited the AMA Indoor Nats at the Round Valley Dome in Eagar, Arizona. I'm posting some of the photos I took.
Yours truly;
The Comet Kid
The Round Valley Dome is impressive; the skylights often provide indoor thermals - yes, I said thermals
Dave Aronstein winding for a test launch of his No-Cal Gloster Meteor. His test was impressive as he went on the win the event for No-Cal WW II Warbirds
Dave Lindley winds in preparation for test flying: Dave later took my application for NFFS - first time I joined

Mike Richardson relaxes behind his model box; an apt description of Free Flight
Dave Wagner and his models before the competition starts. Dave is with the FAC Rio Grande Squadron.
Rick Pangell with P-40 No-Cal - neat printed tissue. Rick later convinced me to join NFFS and I did!
Rob Romash with his No-Cal Chambermaid - he'll take the Greve/Thompson mass launch with this model
The Kamikaze Phantom Flash; I thought this showed some real creativity. The tissue must have been done on an ink-jet printer

Bob Galler and Dave Aronstein's jumbo scale MiniMAX. Bob was holding for Dave. Yes, that is a profile pilot of Kermit the Frog.

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