Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Gym Ripper Fuselage Part 4

Here I'm just illustrating the use of the MagnaBoard to line up the fuselage parts prior to using medium CA and Super'Phatic on the points of contact.

I decided to paint the cabane assemblies before gluing them in. Normally, I'd use some wood stain but opted for a match to the transparent yellow covering. The paint is from Michael's and it is a water-based acrylic with really rich pigment.

I learned this "trick" from one of the RC Micro World authors' articles. It was probably Bob Aberle. I've painted the areas where, in a much larger model, I would have had to wrap the covering down over the edge of some openings. You will see later that I will lay down the covering and just slice at the edges. It should look nice and finished.

Let's move on to the tail surfaces.
Hals und Beinbruch!
The Comet Kid

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